College Search & Outside Scholarships

Are you a web surfer?

If so, you may find these websites below useful and informative. In my experience few students have actually received substantial aid from outside scholarships, but it is, however, worth a try. Less than 1% of all student aid comes from private scholarships; 99% is from federal, state and college sources.

What is an outside scholarship?

An “outside” scholarship is scholarship money that comes from sources other than the college or government. Outside scholarships can come from high schools, local and national corporations, community organizations or other private sources.


Avoid advertisements for companies that charge a fee to find scholarships for you. In most cases, they only send you a list of addresses you can write to for possible scholarships. You can get the same information yourself at no charge just by doing a little research on the Internet.Your information may be used on mailing lists. Be a careful consumer and do not provide personal information such as bank account or Social Security numbers.

Free Scholarship Search Engines:

Special Interest Scholarship Sites: